The 5-Step Simple But Powerful Strategy
My Clients Use to Escape the Rat Race

( without ANY cash, credit, or prior real estate knowledge)

Daray Olaleye


Founder & CEO of Before The Millions

He’s helped dozens of professionals across the world become 5 and 6 figure passive income investors to foster a fulfilling life on their time to achieve ultimate lifestyle design.

What You're Going To Learn:

  • The Step by Step game-plan our clients use for creating passive income through real estate to exit their dreaded day Job
  • A simple formula that allows us to create generational wealth for ourselves and family even with no prior education, experience, credibility or license
  • Why becoming a Real Estate Agent, Property Manager or Broker is not a formula for financial success and the secret to bypass those hurdles starting TODAY
  • The secret to TIME FREEDOM and the way our clients use it or travel the world, sleep all day and find fulfillment with something they truly love instead of working for a heavily taxed check
  • How our client ethically leverage other people's time, money and resources to live life on their terms and the SIMPLE but PROVEN structure that makes it happen practically overnight


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