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The complete A to Z implementation method for confidently creating your 1st profitable real estate business.

Motivated Seller Method is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for newbie investors who are excited and COMMITTED about creating profitable real estate deals like a pro and building the machine that brings you those deals.


MSM is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Eliminates all of the common risks that investors inherently take such as personal liability, market fluctuations, cash and credit loss.
  2. Built with focused and rapid implementation in mind. Only teaching what produces the best results rather than adding filler modules that suck your time and overwhelm you.
  3. Focuses your costs on marketing - implementing this method requires no personal down payment or credit.
  4. Works with the market conditions as-is and implements strategies that compliment the current state of the market so that there are always deals to be had.
  5. Serves not sells. Serving doesn't mean that you won't be as profitable. Serving a seller means that you are equipped to cater to a seller's motivation and are willing to help them find the best solution through the process. This in turn actually makes you more profitable because you'll be capturing the deals that would have otherwise gotten away.


So if you’re ready to finally create cash flow and earn massive payouts at the same time while avoiding lack of confidence, connections, credit or cash...

We'll let you know as soon as doors re-open, so...

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"I just closed my first contract! I really appreciate everything Daray has done for me - can't thank him enough. Last month I quit my job, this month I closed on a deal with a $40,000 profit spread!"


"After a 45 day roller coaster ride, I closed on my first real estate deal. MSM came along at the perfect time and injected the right guidance and motivation. Shout out to Daray, it's just the beginning."


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